"On Our Knees, for Our Kids"

This is a blog/audio podcast of prayer for our children, no matter how young or how old. Listen, join in the prayer portion, and be on your knees in prayer for your kids, no matter where you are physically. Just start at the first one and work your way back... You can subscribe on your iPod, or just come to this portion of the MCP CrossRoads website to listen and pray for your children and all the challenges they face. There are around six months of daily posts, and although I am no longer creating new posts, these will take you a pretty long way....Just DOUBLE-click the small white arrow on the black audio player in the middle of this page for today's audio broadcast.  Thank you and God Bless. . .  Lisa


1) You must turn OFF the site-wide music player located in the lower left hand corner of the website if you want to turn off the music and listen to the OKOK! podcast and audio files.

2) To subscribe to the OKOK! podcast through iTunes for listening through your iPod or iTouch, follow these steps:

        a)  Go to http://audioboo.fm/darbylock213
        b)  Click on the grey "iTunes" button you see
        c)  Click "ok"
        d)  Check in your iTunes software and when you sync to make sure each episode is appearing on your device

3) This is the book used for the OKOK readings and scripture verses:

Text Used for this Podcast

3) Please fee free to comment or ask questions where indicated on any and all posts to the OKOK! Blog.